Adaptability and flexibility
It is impossible to predict the future, but you can ascertain which systems are able to integrate extra features, and are scalable and quick to adapt to market and intermediary needs.

Training is too often provided online. But I believe that buying any significant piece of software needs more in-depth support than that, so be clear what ‘onboarding’ support is provided.

Know what you are paying for
From the outset know what you need the system to do. Do not be swayed by multiple features that sound great but, in reality, are ones which you will either struggle to implement or will use at first and then never touch again.

Who else uses it, and what do they really think?
Use your existing relationship network to find out whether others use the technology in question and what their views are. Most system providers will also provide testimonials from current users.

Do they understand the intermediary market, or do they just think they do?
Too many firms develop tech that promises to solve an issue that never existed. Those that have been built by, or in conjunction with, brokers are usually the best.